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Lawnmower Preventative Maintenance in Tampa, Florida

Keep your lawn equipment in fine condition with the preventative maintenance services of C&B Lawnmower Repair in Tampa, Florida. Our goal is to make sure you get the most out of your lawn equipment. Contact us to learn more about our lawnmower repair services.

Maintaining Your Equipment
Call on us to provide preventative maintenance services on your equipment every few months. We inspect for any issues that would keep your equipment from running correctly. Our services include:

• Oil Changes • Air Filter Changes • Spark Plugs

Blade Sharpening

Stay sharp with our blade sharpening services. Your blades need to be sharpened frequently throughout the season, especially if you are cutting yards several times a week. Sharp blades mean cleanly cut grass, leaving a healthier lawn without browning. We also sharpen chainsaws
for commercial companies.

Lawnmower,  Blade Sharpening in Tampa, FL

Carburetor Rebuilds & Installs
When your lawn equipment's carburetor is out of commission, we can help. Our experts will either rebuild your carburetor or install a new one. We can do this for any lawn equipment.

New & Used Parts
Need a wheel, handle, or other piece of equipment? We offer a selection of new and used parts needed to maintain 4-cycle and 2-cycle lawn equipment. Our inventory includes:

• Spark Plugs • Air Filters • Oil Lines • Fuel Lines


Contact us at (813) 666-1719 in Tampa, Florida, to schedule preventative maintenance services.